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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Magnet #937 - Monet's Agapanthus

This piece is currently on view at the MoMA, and is superpretty. Of course, it's superpretty, it's a Monet.

According to the MoMA description, this lily plant, Agapanthus, was part of Monet's famed Giverny gardens. Love that place.

Last week, I was pressed for why I love the Impressionists so much, and it was deduced that I love Impressionist work because it's softer and more romantic.

It's not cutting edge. It's not trying to make a whole lot of social statement. It's not trying to change the world. It's there to hang on a wall, look pretty and be admired.

I suppose that one could argue that the artists of the day were definitely cutting edge back then, that some of their work did stand as a social statement, and that they were trying to change the world. And it's only the passage of time that has rendered their avant-garde work part of the establishment.

One thing I have definitely been thinking about lately is whether or not I'm liking art for what it's trying to say, or for what it makes me feel. Whether or not I like art for the technique and skill behind the piece, or if my favorites are based on my favorite color palettes of blues and greens.

Eh. It's the same old story with me. I like what I like, and I try not to look too hard into why I like it.

After all, it's there to be hung up on a wall, look pretty, and be admired! Done!
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