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Sunday, September 19, 2010

What you don't know, will hurt you

Magnet #940 - Bearden Quote

I've never seen an episode of Hoarders - I don't even know what channel it's on. Just the commercials scare the bejeepers out of me. How do people live with all that stuff?

Then it struck me a bit dumbfounded this weekend that I might have the makings of a hoarder. No, no, stop backing away. I said makings of.

I'm a Taurus, I'm supposed to like having stuff. The mere possession of stuff makes me happy.

For example, if I notice I'm missing something from my wardrobe, next thing I know, I have 10 pairs of capris. It's not like I buy in bulk or anything, it just sticks in my head that I don't have something, and I keep picking up the same thing.

If you go even further back to my high school days, that old Loveswept series I worked on? Close to a thousand books in the bookcase in my old room at home is missing maybe 200 of them.

It's scary how many possessions people own. During the last few days, I've been doing a giant clear-out of my apartment, getting rid of clothes (8 giant bags!), books (remind me to quit my paperbackswap account!) and in general, just getting rid of clutter.

And I have a ton of it. All in a very small, supertiny NYC studio.

Tell me. Why do I need my old dayplanners? From 1999? Even if it is the Van Gogh calendar my boss brought back from the Van Gogh museum, I shouldn't need to keep it. Right? (Dudes, that one, I totally am.) Ok, other example - does one need 15 scrunchies? Wrapped around an empty Rave hairspray aerosol can from the early 1990s? (Those totally went, so no one ask me for one when you come to visit. IJS.)

Already, I feel a ton better from getting rid of all the useless crap in my apartment. After all, you can't take it with you when you go.

Anyway, I figured this Bearden magnet was apropos to the occasion, as I try and figure out the stuff I really need, the stuff I really don't, and the stuff I really just like to own.

Just don't touch my magnets, and we're good.

Hey. How about I have a magnet with quote from a guy who has a den for bears? C'mon, that's awesome!

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julie said...

yay!!! finally clearing out the place. however, you should've given those scrunchies to jen since her mission is to bring them back. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

jen said...

Dude. I just read this story.

The mess he made: A life-long slob decides it's time to get organized

jen said...

And shuddup, "Julie and Gordon."

G said...

Monday, 10 p.m., A&E.
Episode guide. Last week's show featured a woman that wanted to clear out her cluttered home before she died of terminal cancer. (She died just last week, right before the broadcast. Sigh.)

And, no, you're not anywhere near that bad. You know that there's a time and place for scrunchies, and that there's a time to let them go to a better place. Scrunchie heaven.

I watch the show as a motivational tool. Stuff looks so much more temporary and meaningless after watching those trainwrecks.

joy said...

Yeah, I'm nowhere near done going through my apartment. It's amazing the stuff you realize you don't need, once you just let go.