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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What is it about a boy and

Magnet #928 - Sons of Anarchy

I made this magnet a while back, right after the kick-ass S2 finale last year.

And, I spent most of my train ride home on Sunday re-watching Sons of Anarchy S2, and a couple of hours today, re-watching the last disc, in anticipation for tonight's S3 premiere on FX.

Three years ago, if you'd told me this show's return was the one that I would be looking forward more than the entire Fall 2010 television season, I wouldn't have believed you.

As it is, I've been trying figure out why I like this show, and have magnetblogged it several times before, but I've given up. It's just a damned good show. And possibly not a good influence.

Watch this show.

Or I'll kick your ass.

See? Bad influence. Still. Watch the damn show. It's awesome. Tonight's episode was freakin' insane.
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TonyP said...

Loved it!

"That loves gonna kill me"

: )

joy said...

Hahaah. Yep. SUCH a good episode. I'm glad you have FX now! Though, I will miss having to drop the show to DVD. Heh.