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Monday, September 27, 2010

Something in the water

Magnet #948 - Perdido Key, FL

My sister brought this magnet back from her trip to her hub's family reunion in Florida, mostly because I misunderstood and thought she saw James Van Der Beek at the beach. I couldn't figure out why Dawson Leery would be near BIL's family reunion.

Turns out they saw dolphins at the beach.

Yeah. Well, the audiologist did mention that if I think I'm missing too much, it's time to get hearing aids.

I picked it for today because I made my train ride today, so I'm training my way back up north, and whiling away the hours by watching the rest of Invasion, that short-lived alien sci-fi show produced by Shaun Cassidy, starring cuteboy Eddie Cibrian.

It's set in Homestead, FL, after a big hurricane where strange lights in the water began to take over the townspeople, and how two families try to get through the aftermath. There's almost no reason to finish watching the series, since clearly, I'll never get an ending from it. But, cute is, as cute does, and who can resist a little Eddie?

He's actually the only reason I own the DVD set. Although, Invasion came out on ABC, when CBS put out Threshold, the other "aliens taking over the world" show...which I also own, because of cuteboys on it.

Nah, you can't tell me you're surprised that my TV DVD collection includes a sad little section of short-lived series that no one ever watched but me and the grannies. Or that the majority of them only live on my DVD shelves because of one or more cuteboys on those shows.
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1 comment:

vp said...

Here's a shocker, I actually watched that show! I know. I was hoping that Shaun would repeat the genius of American Gothic, alas it was not to be...