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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The corner of What if and Maybe

Magnet #929 - Joy in Monterey

So the best thing about roadtrips is the time you get to spend with yourself, thinking about things. While you're singing at the top of your lungs, you have almost no choice but to follow your every train of thought, which lets you explore certain feelings, relive certain memories, rethink certain conversations, and in general, think about yourself.

Which sounds slightly selfish, I know, but ya'll know I'm right.

That Woman on her Roadtrip trip I took several years ago up and down the California coast was just one of those trips. (Especially since no one told me that you don't get radio signal along U.S. 1, and you have to recall every Disney song you ever knew.)

I was struggling with a crossroads of moving to California or staying an East Coast girl, staying in my advertising job or moving into entertainment marketing. And that's where I picked up this Monterey magnet, somewhere between the corner of What if and Maybe.

Today's been one of those days - even without a car, a roadtrip, or a CD (or 50).

The NY State Department of Labor has this long list of careers seminars to help those on the job hunt, and today I attended three of them. First, can I just say, yay for the DOL for trying to help us? Second, very helpful!

We went through three sessions - marketing yourself, networking, and then interviewing. And yes, a lot of it was common sense stuff, stuff that you can read on any website. But it's different when you're in a group of folks in the same situation, with someone completely objective assessing you and your skills.

Plus, the instructor was dynamic and engaging, and even better, gave me a lot to think about. Stuff that I know I'm supposed to be thinking about but have managed to avoid over the last three weeks roadtripping with my parents. But stuff that I can no longer ignore.

I can't wait to see where this crossroads leads!

Oh! And, in a show of how small this world truly, truly is. The instructor used to work at the same company I did...and knew at least one person that I know. Freaky!
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