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Friday, September 3, 2010

Here's lookin' at you, joy

Magnet # 924 - Bear

This magnet that I bought at a gas station in Massachusetts today basically sums up half the roadtrips I've ever taken. Ever.

Ya'll know that when I'm traveling, I'm constantly on the lookout for bears by the roadside. Always.

I did see a bear a couple of days ago on a country road in NC. At least, I think it was a bear.

It was an unfenced field, and there was a black blob in the middle, with a light snout - exactly like this guy here. And there was a pick-up truck off to the edge of the plot of land, watching the blob. I think. I totally looked around to see if there were any other black blobs or cows to make sure it wasn't a bear that went Moooo. (/tm Erika)

Sigh. I dunno.

But seriously, ya'll. One day, this big guy is totally what I'm expecting to see one day.

Just you wait.
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