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Thursday, September 8, 2011

By rote

Magnet #1294 - Dos Caminos

Ya'll. I keep getting lost on the way to work.

Ok, ok, not lost exactly, but whenever I'm on autopilot, I end up doing funny things. Funny things like:

- getting out at Union Square instead of 28th Street in the morning, or
- walking right past my office building til I look up and realize...I've walked right past my office building. Or,
- leaving the office, intending to walk up several blocks to a restaurant on 29th...only to remember I'm already on 29th.

It's amazing, in my head, I've stepped into the Manhattan map, only my origination/termination point, is my old office building. So, when I'm on autopilot, I end up completely disoriented, and not where I'm supposed to be.

I suppose it's natural - I mean, I spent a third of my life in that building (holy crap), but still, it's so odd!

Of course, the new gig in a new building does mean getting to know a new neighborhood, and new restaurants.

Dos Caminos isn't one of those new restaurants - my friends have been going there for years for lunch. And since I rarely did lunch, I never did get to go with them.

So I finally got to go, and voila! Magnet!
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