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Friday, September 30, 2011

You're the cream in my coffee

Magnet #1316 - My Mood Is Coffee

If you've been anywhere near me in the last few weeks, you know I've been fangurling over Seth MacFarlane, left and right. Actually, if you paid any attention, you'll know I picked up this particular crush way back at SDCC 2010 - sometimes, I am so damn consistent.

So yeah, a year later, the cuteboy crush is still going strong, only now, he's released a Big Band album. As he put it during his online concert tonight, "Don't think of it as music your grandparents listened to. Think of it as music your grandparents listened to...while making your parents."

It's funny, because it's totally the music I grew up with in the house, in the van on every roadtrip everywhere with my family. Now, I can't stop listening to the album. And when I'm not listening to it? I'm humming a track from it, usually You're the cream in my coffee, or Something Good from Sound of Music.

I'll admit, I'm completely fascinated by a dude my age, who can put out stuff like Family Guy and Cleveland Show and American Dad, but also play the piano and sing like an old-school crooner.

The marketer side of me wonders how the hell he is marketing to two such disparate audiences. For example, the 20somethings who watch his shows - at least a couple of them that I talked to - just refuse to acknowledge the musical side of Seth. Meanwhile, me, the 30something who can't watch anything he puts on television, loves the musical side of Seth.

But how is he selling his album? How are the numbers? Who is buying it? There's a part of me that feels like he basically waited until he had the money and the cred to produce this album, so that he wouldn't have to worry about any of that stuff.

And if that's the case, kudos to you, Seth. Let me know when the next album drops!
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