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Friday, September 16, 2011

Out of time and dress

Magnet #1302 - Lady with reticule

I was totally born in the wrong time period. I can't exactly tell when in history I should have been born, but I know this isn't it. Sorta.

It kinda changes depending on the romance novel or television show I'm watching. Like, could I have worn a dress like this, with its bustle and the longish train, plus a bonnet and reticule?

Or am I more of a poodle skirt chick?

Or leggings and oversized shirts?

Who knows.

I just know I love, love, love this dress. Possibly because it's blue and white and everything in my closet is basically the same color scheme. But mostly because can you imagine the time it took to get into and out of the dress?

Makes you realize there's no way all those historical romance love scenes could have been as sexy and rushed (or not, depending on the hero, I guess) in real life. Musta taken hours just to get out of this outfit.

And forget about evening trysts out in the orangeries or darkened quiet gardens!
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