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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Smaller is better

Magnet #1300 - Les Grands Boulevards

Love this Renoir. Les Grands Boulevards was painted back in 1875 on the street of Paris.

It shows best one of the things what I love most about art - paintings are as good as photographs in depicting what urban settings looked like during that time period. Those are the pieces that I tend to look into the most, it's so much fun looking for the things that date the time period, horse-drawn carriages, folks in period dress, etc.

This one's from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which has definitely become a favorite - I can't wait to go back. I've decided that while I love the bigger galleries, the Met, the National Gallery in London, the Uffizi in Florence, it's the smaller museums I like most.

Yes, the big museums have the major works of artists throughout time, but it's the smaller museums with their lesser-known pieces that I love discovering. When walking through the Philly museum, I found myself in one room with at least seven Monets I had never seen before in real life. Seven! You've seen my Monet art magnet collection - it's pretty extensive. I've seen a lot of Monets in my life.

But, on top of that? I didn't have to climb over anyone to look at the paintings up close. I could look at paintings across the room with an unobstructed view.

It was amazing.

And of course, as I'm looking at the museum site, I just realized they have a Zaha Hadid exhibit starting soon. Sigh. It took me ages to get down to Philly just for their museum. And now I'll have to go back before March to see this Hadid exhibit.

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Kevinpars said...

Have you ever been to the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown MA? A beautiful art museum in a pretty college town - and they have an amazing collection with a lot of Renoir and other Impressionists. Not sure if they have magnets in the gift shop, but I wouldn't bet against it.