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Monday, September 12, 2011

Hei tiki, you're so fine

Magnet #1298 - Hei Tiki, New Zealand

Hey! My first Kiwi magnet!

My friend bought this hei tiki magnet for me, on a cleverly planned layover in New Zealand. Pretty cool!

They're commonly known as tikis, and are considered treasures, special pendants worn by Maoris, as either memorials to ancestors, or as a symbol of the goddess of, um...childbirth.

So, um yeah, Erika, thanks for that. Hahahaah.

I see this tiki, though, and I remember that Brady Bunch episode when they went to Hawaii and the boys found that tiki that gave them bad luck. I'm hoping this won't do the same.

Actually, here's something weird. Last week, a random chick commented on a blogpost in response to that cartoon I used to have with the girl daydreaming for something to violently push her in the right direction. Her comment made me re-read my original blogpost, wherein I lament the fact that I was in a bad way, and was hoping for a change.

Ya'll. I can't believe I basically put it out into the universe that I was hoping the back half of my 2010 would bring about change.

And change it did. I mean, put that wish out in the universe, and that stuff gets answered like you don't know what!

I mean, the last year has been nothing but absolute craziness between getting laid off the day I came home from Comic-Con, my apartment building getting bought in the fall, my dad's heart attack in February, spending most of 2011 commuting back and forth between NY & NC with trips to Houston and Tampa in between medical appointments and hospitals, meeting loads of new people, losing and regaining contact with old friends, accepting new jobs and leaving new jobs.

Seriously, it's been 15 months since I wrote that post, and it's only just now starting to feel like I've got some semblance of my life back. I'm at that point where I don't want to ever relax, for fear of the next obstacle heading my way.

Mind you, upheaval yes. But it's led me to what I think is a much better place now than when I wrote that blogpost in June 2010. I think the last year of upheaval has definitely been worth it.

And I definitely think the point of that random visitor comment was to remind me of such.

So you hear that, hei tiki? Please remember, I'm accepting only good fortune from my ancestors!
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