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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If you're fond of sand dunes...

Magnet #1306 - Cape Cod

How cute is this flip-flop from Cape Cod? It's blue and silver! A friend sent it over, after they spent some of their time at the Cape waiting out Hurricane Irene.

I love it! So adorable.

And? It totally doubles as a bottle opener! Yay!

This magnet reminds me of this one Patti Page tape that got some seriously heavy play in the blue van growing up. All of us kids knew all the words to all of the tracks on the tape, and could sing along with every inflection.

But one of our favorites songs, besides Tennessee Waltz and How Much is that Doggy in the Window? was Old Cape Cod. Check it out...I've been humming this song off and on since I got this magnet!

Huh. OR, it could have been any number of Anne Murray albums that we listened to.

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jen said...

SNOWBIRD!!!!!!!!!! Heh.

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