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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Direct mail

Magnet #1311 - New York City Ballet

A while ago, I made a promise to myself to enjoy everything this city has to offer. The problem that I didn't count on is that everything - from Groupons to direct mail to email blasts and Living Social - is determined to help me spend my money.

That means that besides the usual amount of bills in my mail, I get an extraordinary amount of direct mail about various performing arts programs scattered throughout the city.

And they're all these gorgeous 4-color, folded every which way, wafer-sealed, direct mail pieces. That totally get my attention. Add a celebrity component, one that I recognize, I'm almost sure to take the bait.

So that's how I ended up sitting at the New York City Ballet today, watching Paul McCartney's first ballet, Ocean's Kingdom, performed in Stella McCartney's costumes.

While the story didn't quite capture my heart, the music was wonderful and the costumes were simply amazing. You could tell they'd been designed as beautiful works of art, rather than costumes the dancers normally wore, but to see the colors splashed across the stage was something else.

It was a full house, for an afternoon matinee. Not surprising, I suppose. Then again, maybe it's just direct mail proving yet again how effective it is.
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