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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A koala is not a bear - Guest Blogger, Globetrotter

Magnet #1308 - Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

So a long time ago, my roadtripping friends and I planned a huge Asia tour of Hong Kong, the Philippines, and ending with a cross-Australia train trip. Mind you, that trip ended up being a 10-day roadtrip through North & South Carolina. (Don't ask.)

Luckily (for me and my magnet collection), my friend didn't let that stop her, and she made her way to Australia with another roadtripping friend of hers, for a long getaway for both work and pleasure.

And koalas!

- joy

“A koala is not a bear.”

I heard this declaration no less than five times during my visit to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Australia. Totally news to me, as I’d been calling them bears. But no matter, since I actually got to cuddle one!

His name was Randol, and I was his first of the day. The other one they brought out had been fussy, wouldn’t stay still for photos, and actually kept turning away from the camera. Randol was much calmer, sat in my arms for a solid two minutes before his trainer moved on to the next person in line.

Cuddling koalas is actually illegal in parts of Australia, and only in Queensland are you allowed to do it. At this particular sanctuary, there are rules: koalas can only be cuddled for less than 30 minutes per day; and they must have every third day off. It’s the life!

It was my dream to have a picture taken with a koala, so now I can cross that off my Bucket List.

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