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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Imperial Red Cross Easter Egg

Magnet #1314 - Imperial Red Cross Easter Egg

Oh, yes. I still have several Faberge egg magnets left. And I love. them. all.

I just want one egg. The more I wear my own cobalt-blue "made by a real, live Russian" (seriously, that's how they billed it) Fauxberge hummingbird egg with the odd little angel as the surprise, the more I'm convinced I should buy a real one. Now, I just need all that disposable income.

This Imperial Red Cross Easter Egg from the VMFA collection was designed by one of the Faberge workmasters, Henrik Wigström, in 1915. It's made of silver, enamel, gold, mother-of-pearl, and watercolor on ivory. The surprise inside were miniature portraits painted on ivory of the women in Tsar Nicholas' life, the women of the House of Romanov - his sister, his daughters, and his cousin - who also served with the Red Cross.

Check out the below vid, seen up close the workmanship is just amazing.

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