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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Swan Lake

Magnet #1303 - Dance at the MET!

Or, at the David Koch Theatre, as the case may be. Went to see Swan Lake today. I've never seen it, so when I saw it was part of this season of the NYC Ballet, I knew I had to see it.

I had seats way up in the Fifth Ring - so high, that I had a 2-second attack of vertigo when sitting down in my seat. Oops!

The performance itself was amazing, in as much as I know anything about ballet. But, the set design was gorgeous, and each dance number was flawless, and the orchestra was just fantastic.

And, as usual, I had my issues with the story. For some reason, I've managed to never learn the whole story of Swan Lake, so I was totally surprised when I found out it was an unhappy ending. I can't stand unhappy love stories, they make me crazy.

Mind you, it didn't stop me from sniffling a bit at the end, but still, made me crazy.
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GoldenGait said...

Swan Lake is my very favorite ballet, but it has nothing to do with the story: the MUSIC is gorgeous. Love the score.

Have you seen Black Swan? Wondering if you liked it...?

joy said...

Loved the music, of course. So good.

I haven't watched Black Swan, and during the performance, I briefly considered renting it. But, I highly doubt I'll ever get around it it...especially as tv season gets fully underway.

GoldenGait said...

In the event that you get trapped somewhere with no cable TV, and only a DVD player and a copy of Black Swan, don't actively avoid watching it. I'd be interested in your opinion. ;)