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Thursday, August 6, 2009

And the band played on

Magnet #531 - Stanley Tigerman's The Titanic, 1978

I freakin' love this image.

I think I love it more because it's totally not a Photoshop job, it's a photomontage! What I can't figure out is if Tigerman actually composed the two images together and then took a picture of the whole thing to make it one image, or if he left it as two. I think it's the former.

This image is hanging in the Architecture and Design section of the Art Institute of Chicago - I just love that it's hanging there with all the pencil sketches and drawings and models of great works around the world. You see, Tigerman meant for it to be a critique on Chicago's architecture in the late 70s - or rather, what was being taught in architecture schools at the time. That's why he used Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Crown Hall building sinking into the water, calling it the Titanic.

Such a great image.

And so apropos for today, when I feel like I'm playing triangle for that band that refused to leave the Titanic as she was going down.

Oh good gravy, how melodramatic can I be? You're lucky I'm writing this at the beginning of the day, rather than being maudlin about it later on tonight.
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