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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bad mood at black rock

Magnet #530 - Bad Mood

Picked up this pin magnet at ComicCon here in New York earlier this year, and then promptly forgot from which booth.

A quick trip to reminded me that I got it at Sherrilyn Kenyon's kick-ass, two-story behemoth of a booth. I mean seriously, I love how a single author competes with the big boy booths of NYCC and holds her own, even putting some of the actual publisher booths to shame.

I mentioned last year how I was impressed by this woman's marketing prowess. I still am. It's quite amazing how much she's grown her audience, simply by being available to her fans at cons, holding cons of her own, and of course, writing good material. And a lot of it.

Full disclosure here: I've not read her work. I can't. I know me, if I do, I'll end up investing in all her various series, and the hotness that are her heroes, and then I'll become obsessed. I've watched it happen to at least one of my friends. She's fallen completely under the trance of the Dark Hunter series and its heroes, having flown through the DH backlist in less than a couple of months, and even stalked Forbidden Planet here in town for the manga book.

And if I'm not mistaken, it was all because I gave her the free book that was given away at NYCC. See how that marketing stuff works? Whoa.

Anyway, I'm picking this for today because it accurately reflects my attitude at work, and is a metastatement for a few other things as well. And, that's all I have to say about that.

I'm not gonna lie. This marketing stuff really does work. Having just visited the Bad Agency site, I'm totally picking up Bad Attitude now. Double whoa.
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