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Friday, August 14, 2009

Let the good times roll

Magnet #538 - Monaco, Casino de Monte-Carlo

So. One of the great things about being in advertising, is knowing a ton of absolutely wonderfully creative people. At work, copywriters and art directors may be the bane of an account girl's existence (and vice versa, I know), but as people and friends, they're amazing to be around.

They give great tips and suggestions to improve any creative endeavor, and inspire you to want to be better artisan. Even if what you do is collect magnets and tell silly stories about them.

Oh! And they also travel to awesome places like Monaco and bring back supertotally fabulous magnets such as this. I love these famous facade resin/ceramic/whatever they ares magnets!

So funny, when I unwrapped the bubble wrap on it, I had thought this building looked very familiar. A couple of clicks later, I found out that in the late 1800s, Charles Garnier was commissioned to build the Salle Garnier - and it's almost an exact replica of the Paris Opera House. (Hence the familiarity, since I just saw that 30-minute docu on the Paris house a couple of weeks ago.)

Also, the Salle Garnier seems to be part of a bigger entertainment group/complex - with a casino, and other performance/sporting venues under their umbrella...fairly interesting. Though not as interesting as how natives of Monaco aren't allowed to enter the casino to gamble! That makes me a little sad for the Monégasques.

I did look at the rules, though - very swank, the casino. If I'm not mistaken, I think it's the kind of joint that George Clooney was trying to build in Vegas - old school, very classy, jackets and refined adult behavior required. Well, la-ti-dah, Danny my love Ocean!

Anyway, yay for a pretty magnet! And, I wasn't kidding about the great tips and suggestions. I will entertain them from anyone.

I've already put a couple of suggestions in place - most notably, directing you guys to the full photobucket album. Totally starting to tag them on the album, so that you can see what magnets from whence they came.

And, what do you do when a friend gives you a pound of scrap construction paper remainders? Color-coordinated backgrounds! I really don't want to do them, because I kinda like a white, textured background on all my magnets, and I'm really lazy, but we'll give it a go. Heh.
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1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

*Magnet Envy*

I sooo want a Monaco magnet. I still faintly remember going there when I was around four years old. And this one is so pretty! Maybe someday...

I really like being able to view all of your magnets all at once. Might have to give it a shot myself someday.