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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'll have fries with that

Magnet #529 - French fries

Another one of my new @KristinaMyers magnets from her Etsy store!

French fries are a happy-making food, no matter where you get them. And I don't care if the world judges me for my love of McDonald's, but no one can deny that it's the king of the french fry. Nothing better in the world than a large fry and a Coke from MickeyD's.

Speaking of... I'm gonna go out on a limb here: I love McDonald's.

Go on. Judge me.

McDonald's is awesome. It's always been awesome, and I don't care if I die early, it'll always be awesome. Let me count the ways:

When I was really little - I mean before my little sisters showed up - my parents and I would go to McDonald's for breakfast after church. Happy memories. I'd get a Big Breakfast - back when it was still big, and the English Muffin came standard. Best three-is-a family memory meal ever.

When we were all little - my dad would say late at night, "Who wants a sundae?" And we'd pack ourselves into the car, jammies and all, and run to town. And there we'd sit, while my dad ran inside to get our sundaes, fries, and sometimes, apple pies. Best dessert ever.

When we were older - we went on a zillion roadtrips, and between the rest areas breaks, McDonald's was always the place we knew we'd always find, and where everyone could have something to eat - include my very picky dad. Best roadtrip food ever.

When I was sick - hamburgers from McDonald's were the only thing that I could eat when I was sick. Best cure ever.

When I was in junior high - Bop! and/or 16 reported to me that Big Macs were Jaunty John Taylor's favorite food. And therefore my favorite food. Best fangurl meal ever.

When I was in high school - I would get a two-cheeseburger meal, eat one burger and the fries before band practice at the college across town. And on the way back, I'd eat the other burger. Ever had a winter-cold cheeseburger? I swear, it's the best not-supposed-to-be-eaten-cold food ever.

Even now, I'm still buying Happy Meals - because, even without the Ronald McDonald cookies with Grimace and the Hamburglar, they're still the happiest-making meals ever.

Oh, I don't eat there every day, like that guy in that stupid movie. And even though I know it's not the healthiest of foods or the haute'est of haute cuisine, and even though I know it makes me what they politely call "a little downmarket," I still flat-out refuse to listen to any McDonald's haters out there. The ones who refuse to set foot in a stores, or scoff at the Dollar Menu, and look down their noses at a McAnything.

Funnily enough, it's those same pretty people in the elevators judging my Happy Meal box at lunchtime, who are taking extra deep breaths to take a whiff of my french fries. And wishing that's where they'd gone for lunch. I know. They tell me. Haha.

Those Golden Arches have always been there for me, and I'm happy to be several of those billions and billions served.
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Vicki said...

Man, I miss Ronald McDOnald cookies. They were awesome!

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