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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lobster & magnet

Magnet #551 - Magnetic Lobby

Oh. My. Lavery.

I could use this plush magnet to talk about a messageboard that I've belonged to since 2006:

- a tight-knit group of posters tied together by their expulsion from Television Without Pity, a love of a silly soap opera, all things television, film, food, etc., and excessive use of cute wordicons;

- a really great support circle of friends who band together against the evils of the world smooshing more love and support than sometimes the people down the hall; and

- a slightly off-beat bunch of folks who have an untold love for a Lobster.

I could.

But I won't.

What I will say is that one of those friends sent me this superadorable and yet slightly scary and yooooooge (about the size of my hand!!!) Wild Clingers Magnetic Lobster made by Wild Republic.

Their mission statement is educating younger generations about animal kingdom, in a fun and creative way. They have some terrific toys on their site. Very cool. And? Mission so accomplished!

This guy's fabulous. Seriously. I think his magnetphotoshoot took a good five minutes. I had to find the right angle! His best side! He's freakin' awesome. And he takes direction well.

And you just know they have a collection of magnetic animals. Which I now have to collect.

On top of that, apparently, a portion of the proceeds go toward Abhaya Charitable Foundation, a nonprofit that provides housing, education and support to disadvantaged kids worldwide!

But, here's why I love these guys. They attached a whole insert on Magnet Safety! When I started typing this, I had thought it was pages and pages of Magnet Safety. Instead, it's this one paragraph:
CAUTION! Magnets may come loose. Do not swallow or insert into any part of the body. If swallowed, seek immediate medical attention. Keep magnets away from pacemakers, televisions, computer monitors, and any type of electronic media.
That one paragraph. Translated 23 times!!! I don't even know why that strikes me as cool, especially because I found myself mentally trying to calculate a translation estimate. Good grief.

Anyway, yay for a great magnet! I love that I can hug him, and squeeze him and call him...Lobby.
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Erika said...

You've made me hungry.

G said...

*gasp* Hungry? HUNGRY? Step off the lobster, Erika.