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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Meet you at the clocks

Magnet #540 - Melbourne, Australia

See? Love the ad industry, we're such great travelers! This one was from another friend who just got back from her trip down under. Yay, thanks!

I should have listened closer when she handed me this magnet...luckily she mentioned it was a train station in Melbourne. Of course, what would it be...but when I started writing this, I had to do some detective work. (Funny, cuz I'm watching Psych while I'm Googling.)

It's pretty famous - the Flinders Street Railway Station, supposedly the busiest in the Southern Hemisphere. The building's been there since the early 1900s, but the trains have been coming and going since 1854. A fairly interesting history, too.

I love visiting train stations around the world - they're amazing, quite frankly. From the welcoming great halls and waiting rooms, to the massive trainsheds and grand arches, to the happy hellos and teary good-byes, they're fascinating places.

I also love how major train stations seem to all have iconic clocks to meet under. Grand Central here in NY has the gold clock in the main concourse. The historic and savagely gone Penn Station in NY had a giant clock hanging overhead. St. Pancras in London has one. And Flinders is no exception, only they have several!

But what cracks me up, though, is whenever I say, hey, I'll meet you at the clock in Grand Central. Seriously? This is what GCT looks like when it's busy.

It's insane, and usually consists of a lot of lookin' around, and walking in a circle or two...probably coupled with a txt or a call - generally to ask what the other party's wearing that day. Hahahah.
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julie said...

gordon and i are thinking fo going to australia for vacation sometime in the next few years. :)

Grand Central was where i saw paul rudd... all those years ago during his i'm-not-working-after-clueless-until-i-become-friends-with-will-ferrell stage. yeah, he looked pretty rough back then.

joy said...

Hahah, I remember that GC sighting!