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Monday, August 10, 2009

Hot time, summer's in the city

Magnet #535 - New York

I bought this magnet on Saturday, because I've been looking for an NYC temp magnet since the beginning of summer. And now today, it's expected to get up to 93, the first time in ages, since apparently that global warming thing's on the fritz.

At work, I sit under no less than three air vents, and they love to freeze me out. And, just once, I wanted to be able to call down to Office Services and say, "Dudes, it's 39 degrees in here, while it's 93 degrees outside. Do you have any idea of how much energy we're wasting by keeping the inside temps so darn low?"

So I bought this magnet to back me up. Only - I bought the thing on Saturday. And brought it on a bus to Jersey. And my aunt's house. And in a car back home to NYC. And in my non-AC'd apartment. And in two days, the temp on the magnet hasn't moved! So this morning, while I was getting ready, I stuck the thing in the fridge.

It's 11:15 now. Guess where that magnet's at.


I guess we'll figure out tonight when I rescue it from the icebox whether or not the thing actually works. Of course, I did buy it from a Duane Reade, and who knows how long it's been there.

Oddly, I hadn't thought about whether or not the NYC tourist industry has just decided to keep the Twin Towers on all their paraphernalia. If not, then that might explain why the thermometer doesn't work, I guess.

Oh, well. I'll just continue to freeze my bum off in the office. It's ok, since it's given me extended uses for all my corporate swag sweaters, hoodies, and vests.

But, jeepers, you'd think I work in the freakin' Arctic circle!
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