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Friday, August 7, 2009

As real as it gets

Magnet #532 - Sea World

Love. This magnet is sooooo pretty. It's a 2-D jobbie, and I just love how Shamu the Killer Whale jumps off the water and magnet surface.

A friend brought it back for me from her trip to Florida - thanks! She's the one who found out her daughter had sadly outgrown the Disney Princesses. Dudes, I actually think she had a better time at Sea World than at Disney.

I'm not entirely sure how that happens - but from what I've heard and seen, Sea World has rides now! Dudes, not just rides, but additional experiences as well. A waterpark? Swimming with dolphins? Whoa.

I went when I was little, but unless my parents hid them from me (totally, entirely possible), I just remember the hot sun, and alllll the walking we had to do to get from venue to venue to see yet another show, another tank, another tidal pool with another talk about the sea creatures inside.

I did like those shows though - from the ski shows to the swimming with Shamu, they were fabulous shows. Fabulous stunts - I blame those stunts for my parents not allowing us to waterski down at the lake.

Oh! Ya'll have to read Shamu's wiki - I had no idea that first, she's been around since like the early 70s, and second that Shamu's a stage name. Well, I mean, I sorta knew - otherwise, she'd be the oldest thing in the world, but dudes, three parks (San Diego, Orlando, San Antonio), over 30 years - that's a boatload of Shamus!

Still, I didn't realize how many different orcas they have in captivity. It'd be here that I'd rail against the captivity of killer whales for human entertainment purposes, but this is a magnet blog. Anyway, I'm sure that Sea World treats their creatures well.

Of course, now having visited the website, and been serenaded by their ballady themesong for the past several minutes, I'm mentally planning when I'll be able to get to one. I'm thinking SD ComicCon next year. Hmmmm.
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