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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hello, luvah

Magnet #555 - SoapNet's Love

So in complete opposites to my last SoapNet swag magnet for Punk, here's one on Love.

I finally understand Carrie Bradshaw's love of a good shoe.

Despite all the Imelda Marcos jokes that can be made about Filipinos, I'm most certainly not a shoehorse. I'm generally the basic inexpensive brown, black and blue - in heels and casualwear - and I'm a pretty happy camper. Every once in a while, I find a shoe that I fall in love with, and its usually something printed or embroidered with pretty colors.

But yesterday, I found the perfect shoe - comfy, despite its height, and I could walk across the slick poured concrete floor at Fossil, without busting my behind. In two colors, gorgeous black and brown - styled very 40s, with an art-deco'ish (even almost Frank Lloyd Wright-esque) 3.5-inch-heel.

Frankly, the heel is what sold me, because it's just so well designed.


Then, I went to go look up a picture of the shoe - a picture which totally doesn't do it justice, but I draw the line at taking a picture of my shoes. It's funny and fitting, and somehow Fossil, that their site says my shoe is part of their Vintage Sole collection, and the page header is "It's all about the architecture" and the blurb is all about the lovely design and attention to detail.

Oh, Fossil. How I love you. And especially your outlet store at outlet prices.

Yes, that's right. I just blogged about a shoe. I had a whole long and frankly lovely post about love in my head this morning, not to mention a good two weddings and another friend's baby due later this year to blog about love. And I still chose the love of a good shoe.

Dang. They better still be wonderful after the first day I wear them!
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Erika said...

See? And you have me to thank for convincing you to buy them both.

joy said...

I'm not gonna lie. There's a part of me that bought both pairs because I didn't want you to have the same shoe.

I am THAT shoeblocker. [insert very evil laugh here]

jen said...

Love! I want. Hmph.

vp said...

There is no deeper love than that which one feels for a pretty shoe. That is pretty. Love the heel.

The Geek said...

A poem:

The podiatrist in me says,
"Shame on you",
While the shoe-whore in me screeches,


joy said...

Bwahahaha, nice one GG.

Reporting back in. I wore the brown pair earlier this week. They were still the most comfortable 3.5-inch heels I've ever worn. Seriously amazing.

It's the first pair of Fossils I've ever bought, and worth every Outlet penny spent. Particularly as they were buy one, second at 50% off. Awesome.