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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Magnetic City Limits, a magnetblog meme

Magnet #534 - Austin, TX

Sooo, I haven't been to Austin, TX, but SavetheWorld sister's fiance has, and brought this back for me. Yay!

DC sister totally wants to visit Austin for that music festival, but even though the town sounds cute as hell, the likelihood of me actually making a special trip to Austin just for music is very slim.

I'm not a big music fan, which I'm sure makes me weird in some circles.

Right. Because magnets don't make me weird in other, wider circles. Which actually brings me to my point.

I might have found my people, at least when it comes to magnets!

If you look at joy magnetism's positioning statement - the magnetic mission listed over to the right, in the green column, scroll down a bit - you'll see that I've always been looking for others who collect magnets.

I must admit that when I started my little magnetblog, I hadn't a clue that there were any other magnetbloggers out there. Seriously. I mean, of course, I did a little Googling here and there, but nothing ever popped up. I've never figured out why.

Like, I knew there were folks in Asia who collected and swap magnets with each other. But, I've never been very interested in trading my magnets, so I kinda just left that world alone.

What. I know it's kinda selfish, but I like that it's my collection, and that my own travels, and my own traveling friends and family are helping support my somewhat weird hobby. Mind, I'm still not sold on the idea of swapping...though I'm seeing that it's totally done just to widen the breadth and depth magnet collection.

Anyway, what got me thinking about this stuff, was my almost daily, frequent, multiple page-visiting, sticky visitor here (SiteMeter is such a wondrous thing) whom I swear must have read every single magnet entry on joy magnetism. I applaud her, because I dunno that I've even read all the entries. Hee.

When I got curious about all the visits, I questioned on one my magnetposts if that visitor was a spambot or an actual human. She commented, confirming that she was human, and that she was studying mine and other blogs, to do some research of her own, presumably to figure out her own voice, her own path and her own way to showcase her own collection.

But, when she started her blog, she mentioned other magnetblogs!

Dudes. I was like, whatchutalkinbout, other magnetblogs? I got curious, and looked 'em up. And from those blogs, popped up more blogs and more blogs!

Not. Even. Joking. In fact? Some dude in Russia came up with a whole wiki page for magnet collecting, and in fact, named the hobby! Memomagnetics! Whoa.

And? Apparently, they're called FMs. FMs! Me, the girl who loves to acronym everything, didn't know there was an ac for Fridge Magnets. Hah!

So, consider this magnetpost a magnetblog meme of sorts. Check out the magnetbloggers below - listed in no particular order. All of these folks have tons of absolutely fascinating and gorgeous magnets. Some tell stories, some just feature the magnets, some recreate and/or find photos of the magnet subjects, some are fun to look at, and some aren't even in English. Awesome.

Oh! And, the reason I'm using this magnet? It's because it's one of mine that I saw on someone else's blog. So funny to think that someone all the way around the world has something that's sitting on my fridge.

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1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Awesome! You've found some pages I haven't seen yet. Thanks!

I spend so much time over at the LJ Russian Magnet collectors site listed here. There are so many, I'm not sure I'll ever make it to the end.

Funny - I was planning on saying something along theses lines myself. It's cool that there are so many of us FM collectors out there.