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Saturday, August 8, 2009

A smile makes you go a mile!

Magnet #533 - Angry Little Girls' Damn, I'm Cute Button-nosed Smiley Face

Love this ALG magnet. Yet again, one that I made, since I can't get ALG to make them. Sigh.

Anyway - except for it not being a little Asian girl, this magnet fits perfect for today, as I spent all day with my super, supercute cousins and their friend in Jersey, making videos and stuff for a work thing.

It was a hoot, pretending we had our own little production company, running around setting up shots all over the house and the playground. The four of them were great in front of the camera - of course, my little divas were laughing and giggling, singing and goofing around.

It was a very much-needed day, after the last couple of crappy ones. As my 12-year-old cousin says, a smile makes you go a mile!

It's so funny how much our families are alike. My aunt and my mom have some of the same mannerisms and phrases, and they haven't lived in the same house for longer than I've been alive! And, my cousins and sisters and me share a lot in common as well...and I can't figure out if that's birth order, or that we're first-gen Filipinos, or if it's a simple case of nature/nurture, or whatever.

Either way, it was a blast hanging out with the girls, watching their silliness, and hearing their hopes and dreams...all the while, learning that I'm waaaay too old. Or, not old enough.

Eeeeeeep! I knew it would happen! I actually duped a magnet! I thought I'd used that ALG Damn, I'm cute magnet before! Shoot. My failsafe system, not quite so failsafey! No worries, at least I realized before the end of the day! Searching for a new one asap.

Whew. Like I don't have a million smiley faces! I know you're shocked. Anyway, I musta had this one for years and years - it used to play
You Are My Sunshine when you press his button nose, but sadly it sings no more.

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Unknown said...

I need to buy one of these! Does anyone have any idea where I could find one? My boyfriend was given one by his grandmother who passed away when he was young and i'd like to get him another one