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Thursday, August 20, 2009

When you woke up this morning...

Magnet #545 - Chiyogami Butterfly

So, I totally couldn't help myself to second helpings from @KristinaMyers' Etsy store. I saw this gorgeous set, which lead me to this set of magnets. I had originally bought these for a work project - a new business pitch that fell through. And, darn, I had to keep these as part of my collection. Heheh.

YAY for pretty, pretty magnets!

I love days when stuff happens that leave you saying to someone, "did you think...when you woke up this morning...that you'd be doing [insert out of the ordinary activity here] now? Love that. Love saying it. Love doing it. It means that your day was moseying along and some sort of opportunity landed right at your door, and instead of running home to watch whatever you've DVR'd, you went ahead and did it.

For me, that was yesterday's "did you think...when you woke up this morning...that you'd be going to a play that a former coworker's twin sister wrote that starred your former chairman and oh, by the way, you'll be watching an additional four plays on the same night?"

Fun. It was fun. New York's great for finding off-beat things to do - that's part of why I dig this town so much. Last night, it was the semifinals for the Strawberry One-Act Festival.

And, while NY's often accused for being a soul-sucking city of concrete, metal and broken dreams, it's also great for nurturing creative talent. I saw five plays tonight - each with a different playwright, a different director, and a different cast. Then, I got to vote for my two favorites, to get them into the next round on Friday.

There were pluses and minuses for all the plays, and certainly, some of the work wasn't for me. But one thing's for sure - it was a pleasure to be around such creative people, in such a creative environment, watching such creative work.

Of course, I voted for the best of show, and hope that it makes it to the next round on Friday - Sue Hodara's play entitled Chrysalis, a multi-layered character study about a married couple and their 40 years together.

It was interesting seeing a former manager out of familiar elements. There was one hairy moment where the husband (my former chairman) starting disrobing. I gotta be honest, I was full-on ready to cover my eyes, in case it went further than his button-down. Hahahaah.

Still. Great work all around!

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