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Monday, August 24, 2009

The joy of hex

Magnet #549 - Hex Sign

For whatever reason, I've been out to Pennsylvania Dutch country more times than I can count.

It's beautiful country, any time of year - rolling hills of green or white (in the winter), peaceful and lovely country roads, and nice people. Love it.

When you're driving through the region, you'll see these hex signs on the sides of every other barn you run into. In the 1800s, the Pennsylvania Dutch started using these to protect themselves from harm, and to invite good luck. Then in the 1900s, it started to pop up everywhere for the tourist trade, being used to label good and literature from the area.

Indeed, they were in most every gift shop I visited. And, of course I had to pick up the one that stood for joy and prosperity. It's nice because it has all the symbolic colors - it's quite amazing that different cultures view colors the same: white for purity, blue is for protection, the green symbolizes abundance, and the red, they say, is strong emotion.

Well, I haven't a barn to hang it up on, but I reckon my magnetboard will do.
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