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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chasing waterfalls

Magnet #18 - Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater

So, apparently, I have a favorite everything - Frank Lloyd Wright's my favorite architect. Oh, I could never really live in an FLW house (I mean, who can, really), but I find that there's always something supremely interesting about his work.

And Fallingwater reigns as one of his most famous. This was my first introduction to FLW (if you don't count Timothy Dalton's Hollywood estate in The Rocketeer, which wasn't a bonafide FLW house, but definitely influenced by him), and ever since, I love fitting in any and all FLW houses along the way. To anywhere.

I have to say, though, that the more of his structures I see, the more I've begun to wonder about the practicality of his design. I'm always reading or hearing about the conservation of his works. One could argue that some of them are getting on in years, but it does sort of feel like his work wasn't meant for the long haul. A bit of fleeting greatness, methinks.

This magnet might possibly be in my top 10 favorite magnets. I have several in the metals section - they're more expensive, magnet-wise, but the detail on them can be pretty amazing. Also, they can supertotally double as weapons!!

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Erika said...

This was my first exposure to FLW, and now everyone -- and I mean everyone -- is interested in him. You were ahead of your time, Joy!

Unknown said...

My best friend's cousin got married there!

joy said...

Oooooh, i bet it was an awesome wedding, too!

By chance, any architects in attendance? I keep promising myself to date an architect. They're listed just under Navy Seal and NYC Firefighter.