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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Penny for your thoughts

Magnet #9 - Rodin's The Thinker

It's Sunday, and as always, I find myself buried in my head, deep in thought. Nothin' special goin' on in there, really.

But, I thought the Thinker was tres apropos for the day.

There are probably a million copies of this guy sitting around the world today. There are a couple in Musee Rodin, for sure. Apparently, it was the first of Rodin's works to be displayed in a public space. Awesome for the selection committee - I can't see that happening here in the US in 1906. Loved this museum and the Gates of Hell...kinda wishing I'd gotten that magnet, too. (My freezer door's serving as a bit of a magnetic art gallery right now - more on those, to come.)

Anyway, my parents and I visited Paris for a week, after having (somehow) found a great internet deal at, something like $500 a person for a week (hotel and airfare!). Superawesome trip - even if my dad got really tired of all the museums we dragged him to.

Though, he was incredibly grateful for every bus bench, park bench and Metro escalator and building elevator in Paris. Heh.

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julie said...

ah... back in the old days when tatay had time for smiles!