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Sunday, March 30, 2008

I heard a rumor

Magnet #37 - Gossip, by Norman Rockwell

On a random roadtrip, we stumbled upon Stockbridge, MA, home of the Norman Rockwell Museum. Of course, we stopped, because that's what we do.

They had several of his famous works, such as the Four Freedoms, or Stockbridge at Christmas. But the one that spoke to me and gave me a laugh was this one. Gossip. It's basically the illustration of how a story gets related from one person to another, from the old lady at the top left of the painting, boomeranging back to the same lady at the bottom right of the painting.

So awesome, and so true to life. Especially small-town life. Case in point, my friends and I spent the day in Mayberry, NC, and by the time we got to the tour guide's place, they already knew we were from New York, and coming on the tour. I was freaked out that they somehow knew, but they put my mind at ease, by confessing that it was actually the caller ID on my cell. Whew.

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