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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Come together

Magnet #25 - Abbey Road

If you haven't been to Abbey Road Studios, then what are you waiting for?

Of course, unless you're recording an album (or stalking someone who is), there's really nothing touristy on Abbey Road. In point of fact, besides the actual studio, it really is just a road (check out the crossing cam on the in-development webpage above) with some crossing stripes.

But, you still have to go on your next London visit - it's a must for Beatles fans. Plus, you could probably spend a good hour watching silly, sometimes very silly people, trying to recreate the infamous Abbey Road album cover. The problem is that there's no real traffic signal. So, you have all these groups, trying to stage a walk across, with someone in the middle of the road trying to take the picture - in front of oncoming traffic. It's brilliant.

It must be said that if I were a local, I'd probably run their tourist behinds over. Yet, when the joysisters and I were there, we were doing the same exact thing. How could we not?

And, while you're there, run up the road to the St. John's Wood tube station, where a small kiosk sells trinkety-trinkets, of course Beatles-themed. I probably bought way too many magnets and floaty pens at this place...actually, the number of trinkety-trinkets I bought may outnumber the number of Beatles albums I own.

Yes, it is so very touristy, but there's truly something to be said about the staying power of an album that's almost 40 years old.

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