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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Coffee and moonstones

Magnet #34 - Cambria, CA

Cambria was one of my stops during my Woman on her Own Roadtrip up the California coast a few years ago.

It's six miles away from Hearst Castle, and the only reason I even headed that way was because I was in desperate search for coffee. The only reason I decided on Cambria was because there was a sign for Moonstone Beach.

And how lovely does that sound?

So, off I went, visiting the myriad shops (very few of which were open very early). It's everything you'd think a small California tourist town would be - mainly gift shops and quaint hotels and resorts. And magnets. They had tons of magnets.

I never did get to actually see Moonstone Beach.

Come to think, I never actually got my coffee, either.

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John said...

That has to be the prettiest magnet ever. I like the shape and the blue color. Although it is too bad you didn't get to see Moonstone Beach. That does sound like a lovely place to visit.

The Geek said...

From experience, Moonstone Beach IS gorgeous, but I hope you didn't drive right past Hearst Castle! It's amazing. Ridiculously decadent, and amazing. One of the three olympic-sized swimming pools is literally made completely from gold-leaf ceramic tiles, and one of the other ones is framed by antique Roman columns Hearst bought directly from Rome. Like, "Hey, Italy, I'd like to buy those ruins I saw downtown in your historical district. How much would those run me?"

joy said...

Hahaha - no, I didn't skip Hearst Castle - it was definitely one of the major stops on my Woman on her Own Roadtrip.

I loved it - so much. The opulence was just crazy. Yep, there's a magnet waiting in the wings for that one.