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Saturday, March 1, 2008

You say tomato, Jefferson says...tomato, too

Magnet #8 - Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

Jefferson was truly an eclectic man - author of the Declaration, U.S. President, founder of UVA, plantation and slave owner - he was passionate about practically everything from music to tomatoes.

Monticello was part of a presidential road trip that the joysisters (plus 1) took around Central Virginia, also visiting Madison's Montpelier and Monroe's Ash Lawn-Highland. This trip was chockful of presidential sites, but wherever I go on all my travels, I like to sneak some sort of presidential site (or two or three). I'm not terribly political, but I love visiting the homes and various sites of our former presidents. They're supercool, and often tell you more about the man than any history book.

Incidentally, this one's the first of many (many) photographic magnets. Love these kinds of magnets, they're often better than the actual photos we take.

As for Monticello, the best part about the tour was the deflection of the tour guide about Sally Hemmings. Whoops.

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