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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Shoulda gone before we left

Magnet #13 - Fuji Limo

First: How handy is a letter opener magnet? I mean, if I would just remember that I have this thing when I'm opening my mail, it probably would be even more handy. But seriously, what a great idea!

Second: Number 2 magnet in that supercool package of cheesy refrigerator magnets from my client.

Third: Most. Expensive. Pit. Stop. Ever.

I had a client meeting out in Jersey, and of course, it was on the tail-end of yet another all-nighter getting ready for it. Therefore, I had had tons of coffee and water to keep myself active and awake for the meeting.

Meeting's over, and they ordered their regular car service for me. I swear, I went before I left. Except that we hit traffic on the way back in, and after blocks of holding it, we were just below Hell's Kitchen, and I finally, finally convinced the driver to stop and let me drop by McDonald's to use their restroom. Except that it was the longest. line. ever. And what, pray tell, were all those people doing at a McD's at 3 in the afternoon?

When I came out, the driver - who had refused to move the car because he was afraid that I'd come out and find him gone - ended up with a parking ticket. Well, I couldn't very well make him pay for it, now could I?

Yep - I ended up taking the $100 ticket from the guy and paying the bloody thing off.

And the piece de resistance? It was technically breaking the law, so no charging anyone back there! Hah. It's ok, I mean, can't you just see the client invoice for that one?

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julie said...

haha... did you cry like jenny!? also, i think you're the only person i know that still pulls allnighters!!! how many years out of college are you? and even I don't do allnighters and i'm in grad school! silly.

joy said...

Nah, I didn't cry. Until I paid the bill. Ouch.

And, I think I've pulled more allnighters in the last 10 years than in all my life. It's much easier to do the real work when there's no meetings or conference calls to attend.

jen said...

BMA Julie. B.M.A.