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Monday, March 24, 2008

We should have had the cake

Magnet #31 - Versailles, France

I mentioned earlier that my parents and I did a week in Paris a few years back, and I made sure to include Versailles on the itinerary. You think I like tours? Hah, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

The gardens for mom and the big giant house for my dad. Little did I know that setting my dad loose on the palace of Versailles would earn us frustrated sighs from our tour guide. Particularly when my dad was questioning the tour guide about Louis XIV, and how he used all the money of the people to build this giant house instead of taking care of the people, and how his descendants feel about it.

Our guide, btw, was a descendant. A million times removed from the throne, but a descendant, nonetheless.


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Jackie said...

Versailles was pretty, but I thought it was over-rated. Also, it was kind of stinky. P-yew.

The gardens were beautiful.

John said...

Aw, joy, you're making me nostalgic for when I was in Paris. I didn't collect magnets on the trip, though. My thing was postcards. Those gave me much better pictures than I could ever take.

I loved all the chandeliers in Versailles. I have a thing for chandeliers, even though I'd never want to clean one. ;)

joy said...

No way for the overrated! It was exactly what I was expecting - opulent and overdone, and perfect for the time period. Plus, goodness, with all the history that took place there, it's quite amazing that it wasn't razed to the ground in the end.

And, word to the postcards having better images than my own pictures - it's why I love selecting magnets with official photos on them, they're *way* better than mine could be.