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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Follow your heart

Magnet #15 - Follow Your Heart

How much do I love that we produced this particular magnet for a new business pitch we did a while ago. Sadly, we didn't get the biz, but (bonus!) now I have a handful running around the office and at home.

This campaign never ran, but it really was such a great one convincing the audience to follow their heart across the great state of NY from the tip of Long Island to Buffalo, and from Battery Park up to Champlain. This magnet actually has even more meaning for me, because I really did follow my heart to NY, and here I am, more than a dozen years later.

And, so, faithful readers, tons of NY State magnets will be popping up - a cache built up over the years, but also because of a-just-short-of-a-
thousand-miles weekend roadtrip taken just for this project. While I'd already been all over to begin with, there were a few stops along the way that we hadn't seen - don't worry, you'll be seeing those magnets, too.

Hmmm, after all that, I'm seeing in my collection that I don't have a real I (heart) NY magnet. Yeah, that's gonna get rectified immediately.
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