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Friday, March 21, 2008

I like calling North Carolina home

Magnet #28 - Salisbury, NC

The joyfam's hanging out this weekend, here at home, in Salisbury, NC. This is the Hall House, in our historic district.

Seems like everytown, USA, has such a district - or rather, they're just realizing that it's quite the marketing tool to attract the attention of history buffs and snowbirds everywhere.

This one caught the eye of one George Clooney, who actually filmed parts of his period comedy/drama/feel-good-sportsfilm of the year, Leatherheads, here. Caused quite a stir, too.

And now, next Wednesday, he'll be here in Salisbury as part of his press junket. Will I still be here? Of course not. I'm leaving Sunday.

Once again, I'm a step behind George.

Just like any good stalker should be.

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