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Monday, March 10, 2008

There's no panicking in advertising!

Magnet #17 - Panic Button

Again, a mood magnet.

It'll be ok, everything will get done. One way or another. It's that another that often worries me.

Yep. It works. Yep. It's loud. Yep. It's like the klaxons signaling an air raid. And yep. Kids LOVE to play with this one.

But, no. It's not connected to say, a trapdoor, or ejection seat, or a set of missiles. Would that it were. Would. That. It. Were.
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Anonymous said...

Dude, if it was connected to an ejector seat, it would only be the awesomest magnet evah.


joy said...

Hahahah, so it would, indeed. I have a list of folks ready to take a ride on that seat, too.

Unknown said...

What kind of batteries?