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Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's rules to live by

Magnet #24 - Drinking to Forget

Picked up this tile magnet at The Big E fair a couple of years ago. Fun, no?

Fitting for today's revelry.

I have to say, and some of you will find this funny (given my own drinking indiscretions), but I've never imbibed, or overindulged on St. Patrick's Day. Nor, have I ever been to the St. Patrick's Day parade down Fifth Avenue in NYC.

Here's why. The very first SPD I spent in NYC, back in 1995, I walked back to the apartment, and somehow found myself outside a police precinct with at least a hundred officers in full dress in the street. Red-faced and rowdy, they were whoopin' it up in the streets of NY. Ok, fine, just that one street.

But, I did say full dress, which meant armed as well. And suddenly I realized that if the coppers were drinking, then how can I count on them to keep me safe if I were drinking.

Sobering thought.

Much like me once trying to tip $60 on a $60 tab. Yeah. They weren't joking with that whole please pay in advance notice!

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