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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tolstoy would have loved this

Magnet #23 - W_r and Pe_ce

So, with a little forethought, this magnet could have been Tolstoy's original book cover.
This one's from the United Nations, with a little dove taking the A in War and flying up to place it into Peace. It's a lovely thought, and I thought a fitting one for a beautiful Palm Sunday.

The UN on the eastern side of Manhattan is a pretty amazing piece of work (or, work of peace). It's technically not U.S. soil, and are therefore a pretty self-contained compound.

The tour is great, and with enough people, you can get it in your native language. They take you around the General Assembly, and the Security Council, and several other auditoriums. Each were gifts from different countries, and as such, the interior architecture and design are a little schizo - but all superawesome. Each country's also responsible for their gift's upkeep as well.

Which means it's also building stuck in time, in some respects - say, for example, the earpieces with funny knobs that are straight out of the 60s and 70s, and still in use today. Even the building's design is starting to look too dated as well - and each year, they keep putting off the revitalization of the UN - mainly because it would disrupt their work too much.

It's sort of a metastatement, really, because one could argue that the UN as a concept might be stuck in time, as well. Sometimes it feels like too much falls on their shoulders, rather than letting member countries take responsibilities for themselves. But, bless those few - and George Clooney, I'm lookin' at you - who truly believe in the power of the UN and the good that they're at least trying to do in the world.

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julie said...

i have this magnet too! yay! and it's true... the building really is dated very much like the idea of the UN. and the freakin' peacekeepers... just call them canadians!